Christian Poetry and Prose Recitation Contest


            The Emmaus civic association has organised the Christian Poetry and Prose Recitation Contest for several years now. It is a great pleasure for us that we have more and more participants every year. 

            The primary aim of this event is not the competition itself but to provide the participants with the opportunity to learn about Christian values and moral standards as well as to encourage them to read more and to enhance their knowledge of Hungarian literature, by memorising poetry and prose.

The contest is generally started with a short devotion, as well as with joyful songs and prayer. After presenting the judges, the competition is held in several age groups.

Everybody recites their chosen poetry or prose, then a lunch break follows, during which the judges evaluate the performances. The judges are Christian teachers who teach at different Hungarian primary schools in Slovakia. After lunch, they present the winners and the prizes. The feedback on this event has been widely positive among the children as well as the adults. For this reason, we would like to continue organising the Christian Poetry and Prose Recitation Contest also in the future and create a tradition in our region.