Our motto: Abide with us, for it is toward evening, and the day is far spent.

Luke 24:29

The Emmaus civic association is a religiously independent organisation.

Its aim is to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ among Hungarian children, teenagers and young people living in Slovakia.

 Our further aims are the following:

to facilitate the spiritual, intellectual, social and cultural development of children and teenagers in accordance with European norms and Protestant moral standards;
through various ecumenical activities (meetings, children’s camps, competitions):

  • to spread the message of the Bible among as many children, teenagers and young people as possible, with the focus on Jesus Christ;
  • to show the way how to achieve a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and how to have faith in Him;
  • to strengthen the faith of those who have already achieved personal faith;

to facilitate the development of the personality of young people through educational and pedagogical as well as leisure time activities;

to support the interests of children and adolescents in the spheres of social life; to facilitate the socialization process of disadvantaged children, including also human charitable service.


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