Bible contests


The aim of the bible contests is to provide children/young people with the opportunity to gain further knowledge about the Word of God by thorough preparation, and thus to learn more about God and his son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

         We normally organise two bible contests a year: one for children and one for teenagers, young people. We chose a particular part or book from the Bible, which has to be studied in detail. We inform the pastors and the religion teachers already at the beginning of the year to give them enough time for preparation.

        The Bible Contest for Children is generally held during the school spring break. We commence each event with an introductory devotion in the Reformed Church of Jelka. The participants compete in two categories: in the category of the 6 to 11 year old children (lower school) and the category of the 12 to 15 year old children (upper school). The competing groups of 4 to 6 pupils prepare different topics. The groups receive 5 worksheets each containing from 5 up to 7 questions or interesting exercises or riddles. About 5 to 7 minutes are available to fill in one worksheet. The completed worksheets are continuously corrected by the pastors, religion teachers and teachers who have arrived with the children. During the contest, the children are supervised by adults. After the competition, we provide refreshments, and subsequently we evaluate the contest and award the prizes. We conclude the Bible Contest in the Reformed Church of Jelka by praying to the Lord and thanking Him for everything.


        The Bible Contest for the Youth has basically the same procedure as the Bibel Contest for Children with the difference that the Bible section that has to be prepared is longer. 



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