Mailbox Club

In Slovakia, the Mailbox Club exists in Hungarian language since 1997. We started with 25 lessons that we took over from our sister Aranka Dancák. Currently, we count about 300 active correspondents. Some of them have been corresponding with us for many years and completed several series of lessons.

How does the “correspondence” function? After sending us their addresses, the children receive the first lesson from the series that is appropriate for their age, as well as our letter, in which we introduce our service. Each lesson contains a story from the Bible, an example from our everyday lives, a Bible verse to be learned by heart and a worksheet to be filled in. After sending them to us, the completed worksheets are evaluated by our staff members. If the correspondents confide in us and send us a letter, we are happy to send a reply together with the next lesson.

Altogether, we provide 15 series of lessons with various levels of difficulty. The children/young people receive those series which are appropriate for their age:

  • 6 to 9 years: Observe and do!
  • 10 to 12 years: Tell a story I, II 
  • 13 to 15 years: Discoverers’ Mailbox Club I, II
  • 16 to 18 years: Discoverers’ Mailbox Club I, II
  • From 18 years or for those who completed the previous lessons: Love, dating, marriage.This series of lessons can also be completed by participants younger than 18 years (we recommend it from 15 years) if they are interested and feel to be affected by this topic.

Those who already completed all series of lessons or are adults receive the training courses of the Emmaus Bible School:


  • What the Bible teaches
  • The greatest among the living
  • Meeting the Master
  • Life with Christ
  • Guide to Protestant growth
  • Road to Heaven
  • Gospel According to Luke
  • Jacob’s Letter


After completing the respective series containing 7, 12 or less lessons, the children receive certificates. Our correspondents receive invitations to our camps and other events as well. If a correspondent does not respond for several months, he/she receives a reminder letter. Sometimes participants respond only after many years with the wish to continue the correspondence activity. Before Christmas, we send greetings to all our correspondents and hope that this would also encourage them to write us. 


Samples of our lessons The booklets of the Emmaus Bible School


These are the worksheets...  


...and these are the certificates