• Spring Camp for children and teenagers (Jelka)  
  • Summer Camp for children and teenagers (Jelka)             
  • Youth’s Quiet Week in summer
  • Youth’s Quiet Days at New Year’s Eve
  • Girls’ Quiet Weekend
  • Boys’ Quiet Weekend
  • Day Camps



            We organise these camps for children/young people whose hearts are filled with interest and desire to learn more about the Word of God and to understand its messages for their own lives. We would also like to provide the children/young people attending the camps with the opportunity to find new friends, brothers and sisters who also wish to live their lives according to Protestant values.

        During the morning hours, we deal with Bible stories and their messages. After the presentations and a short break, the participants discuss how they could use the messages of God’s Word in their personal lives.




The afternoons are spent with different group activities, games and quizzes. On Tuesdays, if the weather is nice, we do sport activities on the football field (during the Spring Camps we can use the community rooms as well), on Wednesdays we play the so-called station game (the participants have to tackle challenges requiring skills and knowledge at each station), and on Thursdays we organize craft activities, during which the children prepare objects on their own, which they can take home as souvenirs.

            In the evenings, the children and the young people listen to stories about missionaries whose self-sacrificing lives could be an example for them. Sometimes we adapt young people’s literature in a way that it can be told during two evenings. The last evening is spiced with a talent show, during which the participants can present their talents and creativity. For the older children, we organize entertaining and informative quizzes.

        We thank God for guarding us through His presence and for blessing these events. We are grateful to the Lord for the personal, deeper discussions with the participants as well. We believe that these events serve for God’s glory and they can be continued with His help.