Other Events

Sunday school and bible class for the youth


The Sunday school has a long tradition in the Reformed community of Jelka. The staff members of Emmaus, as teachers, have taken part in this service actively for many years. The education is currently provided in three groups: in the group of nursery school children, in the group of 1st to 4th year primary school children as well as in the group of 5th to 9th year primary school children.

On Sundays, we start in the building of Emmaus at 2 p.m. There is a great deal of singing, accompanied by guitar. The teacher prays, tells the respective Bible story and explains the moral of it age-appropriately. The more intense part of this event is concluded by prayer and singing. After that, all three groups play together. If the weather is nice, we are outdoors on the fresh air, in the yard: the boys play football, the girls play ball games, skip rope etc. If we stay indoors, we usually play parlour games (mastercards, dominous, puzzle games etc.). Everybody is picked up by his or her parents at 5 p.m. at the latest. We also use these events to prepare for the bible contests held every year. At Christmas, we present songs and poems to the members of the community in Jelka.

       The bible classes for the youth are held on Saturdays. These events are also started by prayer and singing. After that, we study a previously chosen part from the Old Testament or the New Testament, on which the young people can express their opinions and ask their questions related to the topic. In this way, an effortless exchange of ideas can take place.


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